Profession  Makeup

A professional makeup artist will take care of you to make you feel and look gorgeous.


A consultation appointment to design your contemporary portrait tailored for you.

Guided Photo Shoot

You don't need to be a model!

I will guide you through every pose, you just need to have fun and enjoy the experience.

Professional Retouching

A light retouch of the best images to remove small imperfections keeping unaltered your unique beauty.

Reveal Appointment

Time to celebrate!! We will view together your contemporary portraits and celebrate this unique moment of your life!

A photoshoot session with us is an experience and this is why:

It will change forever the way you see yourself!

It's a celebration of who you are, your real beauty, your achievements and successes!

It's for the people you love, to inspire them!

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What They’re Saying

"When I was given the opportunity to work with Salvatore I was very excited at the idea. His work is not only beautiful but I feel tells a story of each individual. Photographs to me are simply one of my life‘s treasures. They capture the moment and I love having photographs in my life and in my home. People always love to see pictures around. Seeing people evolve, change and grow can be captured in one moment and Salvatore does this effortlessly. His professionalism, dedication, passion and enthusiasm shines out when he is behind the camera. Salvatore as a photographer was kind, sympathetic and extremely professional, I was made feel totally at ease. For me to be given this opportunity to photograph this time in my life I’m so grateful to Salvatore for that. He saw something that I couldn’t see, he is one very talented photographer and this is evident in his work. I am happy to call him a friend and it was an absolute pleasure doing this. I can’t thank you enough. Tina.


Tina's Photo Shoot

Such a pleasant experience from start to finish . We were both nervous at the beginning but were soon put at ease and ended up really enjoying ourselves mostly due to Salvatore's professionalism and expertise in creating the right photo . The outcome of the photos was fantastic and we couldn't be happier . Highly recommend .



Salvatore is beyond a talent photographer, he is seeking to find your story, and who you are. He has the amazing ability to pull that out of you and reflect it beautifully in pictures. He knows what will make a good picture and he is capable of creating the right setting. Not only that, spending time with him is so relaxing and fun…if you’re in need of some great pics and a break from the day to day…Salvatore makes sure you are pampered with hair & make up…and he does the rest of the work! Brilliant!

Maria Ruggero


"Nothing gives time a more physical representation for me then a child growing in front of your eyes . It moves fast and although changes and growth are the gift of life I wanted a moment to pause and capture and keep. Having our portraits done by the gentle , kind and very professional Salvatore was a memorable experience. My daughter and I felt welcome , special and at ease. When our photo portraits were ready to view I was very excited to see the results and I was certainly not disappointed. The photos captured moments and expressions I would never have been able to capture myself. I also got a photo portrait of me , after all I too am growing . 
Thank you Salvatore "

Sarah Cox


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