Get the Only Inclusive Checklist

This is your guide on how to be the best version of yourself before a photoshoot,  a wedding,  a date or a big milestone

My hope is this intro will help simplify the process of getting ready for your big events.


Regardless if you're just getting ready for a photoshoot, a wedding, birthday or a milestone, this checklist will walk you through every suggested steps to take.


You'll notice each step is listed in order to help you focus on just one thing at a time so you never feel lost or overwhelmed. I've been added few resources links and recommendations next to a few of the steps.


After working with many women on their own photoshoot there surfaced a common need to have a simple checklists to process.


In the following page you'll find this checklist broken down into simple sections: Face, Hair, Hands, Skin, Clothes.


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