• Salvatore Di Martino

What is #existinphotographs? Why?

#existinphotographs is a movement. It empowers women and it aims to makes them feel great about themselves.

Many women are shy or afraid of being photographed, either due to low self-esteem or because they think they are not “photogenic” or do not have the right face or body shape, or that they have perhaps reached a certain age. 

Not everybody young or old is a “model” but everybody is unique and therefore beautiful in their own individual way. Life is about diversity and therefore everyone is special.

I invite you to celebrate your life, your individual beauty and character regardless of looks or age.

You deserve a beautiful portrait of you, for you, your children, and for the people who love you. My job as a portrait photographer is to take the most beautiful photograph of you, capturing your individuality and character,  so to cherish it for the rest of your life. #existinphotograph, accept yourself and do it right NOW.

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