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What is a Folio Box?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

We are living in a digital world where thousand of photographs are stored on PC/Phone hard disk, or forever lost on social media and web galleries.

This is the reason why I'm on a mission to let you fall in love with prints again.

But what is a Folio Box?

The folio box is a deep portfolio box measuring 11×14”. 

Finished with a wonderfully material and a silky smooth ribbon, the Folio box comes in many colours and will hold to a maximum of 20 matted prints from your session.

The white mattes are available for 8×12” prints.

The Folio Box is incredibly sturdy and is designed with enough thought and care to last as a family heirloom to be handed down from generation to generation.

Why the Folio Box?

Well, because you can use it in many ways.

You can use it to store your beautiful prints, gift the Folio box itself to somebody else or take the prints out of the box and

- display them on a little easel.

- frame and display them on the wall.

- switch out the prints for a different look whenever you feel like.

- gift them to somebody else.

How to order a Folio box?

After your photo-shoot, when you come back for your viewing session, I show you the three products I offer:

- Wall portrait, which is a matted print to hang on your wall.

- Folio Box collection which comes with a set of 8X12" matted prints in a beautiful black box. It comes in three different sizes of six, ten or twenty matted prints.

- Gallery series which is a wall portrait with a series of nine of your favorite 5x7" prints from your portrait session in a 24x30" mat.

After you give me an indication of which products interest you the most, then you can look at your portraits and what you like you buy, it's entirely up to you.

My job as a professional photographer is to take the most beautiful portraits of you so that you want to own them all.

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