• Salvatore Di Martino

Tina's Photo Shoot Testimonial

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Thank you Tina for your beautiful review!

"When I was given the opportunity to work with Salvatore I was very excited at the idea. His work is not only beautiful but I feel tells a story of each individual. Photographs to me are simply one of my life‘s treasures. They capture the moment and I love having photographs in my life and in my home. People always love to see pictures around. Seeing people evolve, change and grow can be captured in one moment and Salvatore does this effortlessly. His professionalism, dedication, passion and enthusiasm shines out when he is behind the camera. Salvatore as a photographer was kind, sympathetic and extremely professional, I was made feel totally at ease. For me to be given this opportunity to photograph this time in my life I’m so grateful to Salvatore for that. He saw something that I couldn’t see, he is one very talented photographer and this is evident in his work. I am happy to call him a friend and it was an absolute pleasure doing this. I can’t thank you enough. Tina. "

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