• Salvatore Di Martino

What's a "Fully Guided" Photo Shoot

Most people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, they say "I'm not photogenic", "no not me, just my kids", "I look awful in photos" and so on.

In the studio, before a photo shoot, is not unusual with clients to feel relaxed, to be chatting, laughing, But then suddenly, when I put the camera in front of them, they literally freeze and don't know what to do.

The good news is that, all my portrait session are "Fully Guided". You don't need to be an expert, or a model in order to have a great experience and stunning images at the same time.

I will be coaching you and guiding you for the entire photo shoot session. Being photographed will look so comfortable and fun.


When we think about posing the first thing it come to mind are the Model Poses, which can be awkward and don't make any sense for everyday women.

Don't worry, I'm not going to do any of these model poses. Instead I will focus on poses and posture that work with you, your body type and personality.

I will also guide you through the poses foundation or show use pictures of what the pose looks like. Or sometimes I will demonstrate it myself, which usually follow in a laugh or two :) .


Expression is another aspect people worry the most. During the entire session, you won't have the time to think about your own expression. I will continuously talking and interacting with you, basically distracting you from being in front of the camera. This is when you will feel relaxed, and with a natural expression.


There is no such thing about being photogenic. It is not your job to be photogenic, it is my job to let you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and enjoy the experience.

Trust me, and you will have an amazing time!

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