• Salvatore Di Martino

How To Look Beautiful With a "No-Makeup" Look - 4 Simple Steps

Have you ever tried to achieve a "Clean Look" makeup? This post will guide you through the process and will outline all the products and techniques that you'll need to obtain this particular style.

· Skin Prep: We make sure that the skin is clean and we apply an oil free primer for all skin type. If the skin is too dry we apply a light moisturizer free of SPF. The primer is applied from the center of the face going outwards, using a foundation brush through circular movements.

· Foundation Application: We ensure that the foundation color has the correct undertone for the skin and we make sure to take into account the color of the neck, which sometimes defers from the color of the face. There are usually three undertone, Warm, Cool and Neutral based on the color cast of your skin. Warm for yellow/golden cast, cool for pink/red cast, neutral for a mix of them. Apply the foundation the same way as the primer and don't forget your ear and neck area.

· Concealer: For under eye circle we use a peach or pink light reflecting concealer. For blemish or redness we use a cool yellow based matte concealer. We usually apply the concealer with the tip of our finger using little tap movements or we can alternatively use a concealer brush.

- Setting Powder: This powder is used to set the foundation. To apply this product we will need a specific setting powder brush and the movement will be gentle and circular too. We specifically avoid HD powders for photography.

- Light contour is used for "no-makeup" look that creates usually a beautiful natural finish.

Now that you know the steps to follow to obtain the "Clean Look" makeup, you can decide if this is the look for you. There are different looks we can advice during consultation and we can go through each and one of them together, for you to know exactly the look that suits your style and personality, and enhance your facial features.

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