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What to expect from your "first consultation".

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Have you ever tried to be photographed professionally?

As a professional photographer I always take the time for a "first consultation".

The following is the process we use to understand your needs therefore to provide the best service. I have found beneficial by doing the first consultation in person, but it can be also done by phone or Skype. The consultation is just an informal conversation by a coffee to get to know each other more.

This post will tell you what are the main questions I ask that will let me understand how you would like to be photographed.

1. Why?

Whether those portraits be a celebration of you, a life event, high school senior pictures, head shots, portraits for your modeling or acting portfolio, I want to create beautiful portraits with you that you will treasure for a lifetime.

2. How?

Would you like a Vogue, red dress, pink dancer portrait. Or a father and daughter, mother and daughter, family portrait, 50+ portrait.

3. Who with?

Would you love to be in front of the camera with your children? With your special someone? Let’s celebrate who you are right now in this moment. Because in 30 years time, those photographs will be priceless. A portrait is forever, a lasting legacy for you and all the people who love you.​

4. How much!

During the consultation we cover the cost involved. There's a booking fee based on the number of people you bring with you, that cover for full makeover and styling. Then when you comeback to the studio to see your photographs, what you like you buy, it's entirely up to you!

5. Products

At the consultation I will also show you my beautiful products, which are the "Reveal Box" and the "Wall Portrait". These are made in Italy and are high end quality, basically they are the best products in the market you can find.

6. How to prepare for your shoot.

We also go through the following checklist on how to prepare for a photo shoot.


Now that you know the process, you're ready to book your first consultation.

You can schedule your first phone call following the link below:


If you're interested to find out more about my work and the contemporary photo shoot experience, do not hesitate to get in touch at the 0871363347 or by email at info@salvatoredimartinophotography.com .

I will forward to you all the information you need and schedule a complimentary consultation.

In the meanwhile please visit my website and subscribe to my facebook page to stay up to date with my new work:



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