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How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

How do you prepare for a photo-shoot?

Just use the checklist below as a guide.

It may be difficult to address all the items listed below. But implement some of them and the impact on the final result will be huge.

Areas to focus are face, hair, hands, skin and clothes

1. Face

Whiten your teeth.

Exfoliate two times before your photo shoot. But for a facial, at least a week before your photo-shoot.

Eyebrows, do the waxing at least a few days before your photo shoot. But for a trim/touch up at home at least a day or two before the photo-shoot.

2. Hair Do not drastically change your look.

Just a trim usually makes a huge difference.

Have your roots touch up at least three days before the photo-shoot.

3. Hands A manicure a day before your shoot.

Nails should be of neutral colour (nude,french,light-pink, etc.).

Clean your wedding ring the day before your shoot.

4. Skin In general, do the waxing few days before your photo-shoot, or shaving the night before.

I would avoid the spray tan.

For birthmarks or scars, I can keep them if you feel these are part of who you are. Otherwise, I can remove them in post-processing. It's entirely up to you.

5. Clothes You can bring with you 4 or 5 outfits that you love.

Bring with you the outfits that reflects your personality. A cocktail party dress, formal dress, fun or funky dress.

Bring with you something dark: black, charcoal or blue navy.

Bring something light: white, cream, or light pink.

Use clothes with Neckline that show your collarbone.

Use clothes with rich texture without patterns and prints.

For any body type, use fitted clothes that shape your body.

Lean your clothes and iron them the night before so to be wrinkle-free.

Do not worry about the shoes, because you're going to pose without them.

6. Checklist - Bare and Moisturized face.

- Clean and dry hair.

- Comfy outfit to wear before the photo-shoot.

- Choose 4/5 fitted outfits for the photo-shoot.

- Neutral colour nails.

- Clean your wedding ring.

- Touched up eyebrows.

And don't forget to eat something and hydrate well before the photo-shoot!

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