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The Process: How it Works

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

A photoshoot with us in an experience, it consists of five phases. It all starts with an in-person consultation to understand exactly how you would like to be photographed and what to wear. Then you come to the studio and bring with you four or five outfits. At the studio, you're pampered and have your makeup professionally done, then I'm going to photograph you, using the best light and clear posing directions. The following is a breakdown of these four phases:

Phone Consultation

This call helps me understand how you want to be photographed. It's also a great time for you to ask questions.

You can learn more about how the consultation works following the link below:


Book Photoshoot date

Once the Photoshoot date is booked we will start planning out all the details of your session from what to wear, to hair and makeup inspiration, as well as posing.

Photoshoot Day

You will arrive at the studio and be greeted by me with my makeup artist ready to pamper you. You will spend the day with me coaching you through posing and how to look great in your photos.

Learn more what's a fully guided photoshoot at the link below:


Ordering Appointment

I invite you back to view your fully retouched images that will knock your socks off! Take home only what you love! My job is to make you love them.


If you would like more information about the photo-shoot experience, please contact me at 0871363347 or email me at info@salvatoredimartinophotography.com

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