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Client Testimonial - Radina

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I have never understood vanity – my mom is a former ballerina and she has always promoted natural beauty (she grew up in the 80’s when the make-up was colorful and abundant). For as long as I remember, I pick my clothes in a hurry, like occasional red lipstick and have no idea what to do with my hair...

My whole family had careers either in sports or medicine, so during my childhood years, I was focused on developing my physical strength and ensuring my grades are good. In all honesty, I was rather a tomboy.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Embracing who you are (particularly your body image) is nearly 9 out of 10 times a long journey for all genders. Seeing yourself through the eyes of others and truly realizing what you portray and radiate is a humbling, encouraging and overwhelming experience!


Some of us tend to be critical towards different parts of our physical self, not feeling comfortable with compliments or being in the spotlight, we are even trying to change in order to achieve a “better image”. Ultimately, one is free to make choices about everything in life – and I would add, informed choices, as well as adopting an open mind to explore and learn.

When I met Salvatore, he was talking about his art as a celebration of the women – his mission is to provide every woman with the chance to see herself through his photography.

Of course I was curious and had many questions! Sal is incredibly easy-going and described the experience in detail – it all sounded pretty impressive (keywords: style and color consultation, pampering with professional make-up and hair, behind the scenes video and of course – the photos).

I have never had a professional photoshoot and really didn’t know what to expect. When I heard “magazine-style” portraits I immediately thought “Yeah, that’s not me”… Little did I know that the next 3 hours will be not only enjoyable and pleasant, they were a dive into a fairytale story. For a left-brainer like me, it is challenging to imagine the end result but both Salvatore and his team really made me feel special – and genuinely, who doesn’t want that? And here is the story …


Color Psychology is widely implemented in the marketing space – particularly in branding, product and services launch and elaborating materials. It is similar when used in personal branding - selecting the best colors to accentuate your strengths and character is critical to create the right representation of yourself. Giuseppina gave me valuable tips on what outfits to select for my session, and also advised me on the accessories, vision and posture. Red and Orange resonate with my personality (enthusiastic, energetic, driven) so we incorporated both. I brought all 6 (!!) outfits to my make-up and hair appointment and for the first time in my life I absolutely felt like an actress going for a movie casting! I was nervous but Gio’s friendly and light-hearted approach truly alleviate all the tension – her smile, comforting words and expert opinion brought much more than any other professional artist I have visited in my life. Thank you, Gio <3

Aaand ACTION! 📸

Those who know me are aware that I don’t easily follow instructions… unless they are from IKEA. I arrived at Salvatore’s studio on a cold Friday afternoon and he showed me his ideas – as a person with numerous tattoos, I believe the artist when they have a vision. So this time I decided to follow the instructions and have fun – well, somehow Sal managed to capture my serious face, my corky and goofy nature, my dominating red, my empathetic green, my saudade, but most importantly my feminine side – my uncovered Yang that lived like a legend somewhere deep in my consciousness. The changing backgrounds and lights, camera flashes and striking poses felt more of an engaging team-building exercise instead of an overwhelming spotlight experience. I loved every second of it!

The level of professionalism, dedication, and passion Salvatore has for this process can be spotted throughout the whole journey. The eye for the detail, the precision and the empathy were just part of his mastery. Partnering with talented individuals who take pride in their work and inspire others through demonstrating high quality and commitment to each client, is very close to my own ethos.

So if you are still considering giving yourself (or someone you love) the gift of seeing MORE of your true colors, let this article convince you in the value of this experience.

Thank you Salvatore for this roller coaster of emotions, my mom wants a session too :)

Headshot of Radina @ Voxadvisory

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