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Sophie's Photoshoot

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

If you go through my gallery you can see beautiful magazine style portraits, which don't look so different from the one on the magazine cover shown below.

The difference though is that the women I photographed and you see in my website gallery are not models, they are everyday women who wants to experience being a model for a day.

In fact when you experience a photoshoot session with us, you will feel and look like a model, you're pampered with hair and makeup professionally done, but I won't ask you to do model poses which feel unnatural, instead I will direct you with clear posing direction that flatter you the most.

For this particular photoshoot it was different, I was asked by Susan Collins at Susan Collins Home of Hair to photograph Sophie Anderton which was modelling for images to be used on her website.

Sophie Anderton is a former top model and was the face of campaign for Valentino, Chanel and I've to say that I was absolutely thrilled to see my work also featured in the edition of the You magazine.

I've to admit, photographing Sophie was so easy, as she knows by heart how to pose and the expressions to use. I only focused on lighting and capturing the perfect moment.

Photographing everyday people is different, they don't know how to pose and most of all are not comfortable in front of the camera.

The good new is that you don't need to.

I use clear posing direction and techniques to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera so to capture your natural expressions.

If you want to experience being a model for a day, please contact me at 0871363347 or at info@salvatoredimartinophotography.com and I will send you a PDF with all the information.

Below some of my favourite images from Sophie's photoshoot session:

Thank you to the amazing Sophie Anderton @sophie.l.anderton, it was a real pleasure working with Susan Collins @ Susan Collins Home Of Hair, the beauty room @ The Beauty Room Greystones and Rob @ Film Smart Productions

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