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Client Testimonial - Ejiro Ogbevoen

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Client Testimonial - Ejiro Ogbevoen

I had the pleasure of photographing Ejiro Ogbevoen a Wellness mentor and Psychotherapist.

Her aim in life is to help people break down the internal barriers that keep them from realising their potential (the capacity to develop into something in the future).

Ejiro looks beyond the #anxiety and #depression to support the journey in connecting with the strengths, and expand the possibilities for her clients.

This is her beautiful testimonial:

"This photograph of me by Salvatore Di Martino captures an aspect of me that people don’t see very much. I don’t ‘see’ it myself, I feel it. This photo captures the steadiness and calm that I experience within while also sharing my boisterous personality with the world. The skill and perception of the photographer is incredible "

Start where you are

Use what you have

Do what you can.

- Arthur Ashe

Get in touch with Ejiro if you need any assistance with figuring out where to start, emotionally.




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